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Dorothy Fox Safety Alliance

This Is Not Over!

Help relocate this
drug detox/rehabilitation center
to a more suitable location
in Camas


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A Clark County, WA, Hearings Examiner decided it's ok to put a for-profit drug detox center directly between Dorothy Fox Elementary School, a church/preschool and a community park.
Is this really the safest location in our community?

Key Elements of This Issue:

Our Lawsuit in Superior Court

After the Hearings Examiner denied our request for reconsideration of his ruling, Dorothy Fox Safety Alliance filed a lawsuit in Clark County Superior Court requesting that this case be tried before a judge. We are currently waiting for the trial to begin.

A City About-Face

In their initial discussions with Discover Recovery, the City of Camas stipulated that any changes to the City zoning code needed to pass through the City Council. But after 7 weeks of unreleased emails, the City did an about-face and processed Discover Recovery's request through a Hearings Examiner. Why? We don't yet know.

A History of
Discover Recovery

Discover Recovery owns and operates a detox facility in Long Beach, Washington. This facility has been the subject of an array of 911 calls and Washington State Department of Health complaints.

Dorothy Fox Safety Alliance Video Series

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