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Additional Research

We encourage our neighbors to do their own research into the Rehab Industry.

Please note that unbiased studies and journalism are very hard to find and often buried from view by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that the Rehab Industry pays for.

Many pages are disguised to read as legitimate news articles, but are in fact, either paid advertisements by rehab companies or actually owned by said companies. Per an article in The Verge: "Rehab Reviews and The Fix are controlled by Cliffside Malibu founder Richard Taite, while Addiction Unscripted - a group promoted by Mark Zuckerberg this summer for its use of Facebook - is owned and staffed by the CEO and marketers of Windward Way, a treatment center in Costa Mesa, California."

Some independent news articles and studies we found are here:

NPR, 2/16/2021 by Brian Mann

John Oliver, Last Week Tonight/Rehab

(Explicit Language)

Further reading:

First Guilty Plea in Violation of Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act of 2018

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