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In advance of our October hearing, our lawyers submitted their opening brief on September 8, 2021.
You can read the brief in its entirety here:


Our latest reply brief has been filed in preparation for our October 22nd in-person hearing.
Read the brief in it's entirety here:



As you may be aware, the Clark County Hearings Examiner denied Dorothy Fox Safety Alliances’ Petition for Reconsideration on May 24, 2021 to stop Discover Recovery from operating a drug detox/rehab next to Dorothy Fox Elementary School & Park and Harvest Community Church/Preschool. You can read more at:

Who We Are:


We are concerned citizens. We are neighbors and parents. We are recovering addicts, medical professionals, first responders, legal representatives, building developers, educators, and everyday people who have moved away from neighborhoods negatively impacted by detox centers.


Our Mission Continues:


Dorothy Fox Safety Alliance has now filed a Land Use Petition Act in Clark County Superior Court. We believe that the best chance we have of overturning this decision is via a fair and impartial Superior Court Judge. Unlike the Hearings Examiner assigned to this case, a Superior Court Judge will carefully consider ALL evidence and arguments in this case before making a ruling.


We support treatment facilities that help those seeking a life free from addiction, but not next to an elementary school. Discover Recovery targets out-of-state patients on a for-profit basis. This facility isn’t servicing locals. They admit patients on a voluntary basis, which means those patients can leave at any time, for whatever reason, with or without notice – and even against the advice of medical staff. There is a more suitable location for this facility in Camas that both supports Camas residents seeking help from addiction, while also protecting the safety and well-being of our children.


You may have noticed a lack of official comment, support of the Alliance, transparency to us as citizens, and leadership from your elected officials on this matter. From recent public records requests, it appears that the City - and the City code - has been exploited and this application has not followed due process. All the while, Camasonians have been left in the dark.


More to follow on this.

Read Our Filing in Clark County Superior Court Here:

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